Misa / Seance / Spiritualism / Espiritismo

We offer the "misa" or "spiritual mass" from the Allen Kardec spiritualist tradition as has come from Cuba.  The misa is sometimes compared to a seance, but with a Lucumi twist.  The misa is a gathering of spiritualists/mediums to communicate with ancestral spirits.  Some mediums not only channel spirits, but are sometimes possessed by their helpful spirits.

We also offer Egun misas, Palo misas, investigation misas, spiritual (Egun) coronation misas, and a few other types of misas.  Investigation misas are performed when someone needs to investigate a specific spirit or issue.  Spiritual (eggun) coronations are done when a person receives a message for this specific type of misa, among other reasons.

Some of the main benefits of the misa can include:

  1. Helping ancestral spirits make contact with their descendants so that helpful messages may be given to the living.
  2. Helping ancestral spirits make contact with their descendants so that healing work may be given to the living.
  3. Helping people gain practice and experience being a medium.
  4. Helping ancestral spirits if he/she/they need some healing work.
  5. Helping ancestral spirits on their souls' journey if they got "stuck" and need some help passing over to the other side.
  6. Helping resolve family issues between the living and the ancestral spirits.

Clothing and attire:
When attending a misa, people traditionally wear certain clothing.  Men should wear pants, a shirt and a gorro cap.  Women should wear a dress and a kia (triangular headscarf).  Women can also wear pants under their dresses if they want.  If you do not know who your guardian Orisha is, then you should generally wear white clothes.  If you don't have white clothes, wear the lightest clothes you have.  Definitely avoid black and red clothing.  If you know who your guardian Orisha is, then you can wear white and/or his or her colors.


The cost depends on several factors.  Factors include the number of people attending, the location (your place or ours), the weather (if the misa is scheduled to be outside), any special materials for your misa, and many other variables.

If the misa is being held at your home or someone else's place, you will need to provide enough chairs for everyone to have a seat.

All misa work is done in person.

Sometimes people want to read some additional material about misas and spiritualism.  The following texts may be read.  Keep in mind, those texts are written from the perspective of how those authors practice spiritualism in their own ways.  The books provide a historical context, but we do our misas as has been taught to us from our elders.

Allan Kardec - Collection of selected prayers
Mario dos Ventos - SEA EL SANTISIMO
Sancista Brujo Luis - "Luz Y Progreso - A Handbook for Developing Mediums"

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