Ifa / Ocha / Santeria

We practice Lucumi Ifa and Ocha, as has come out of Cuba.  Ifa and Ocha are often called Santeria.  We have people initiated to various levels, including Ifa (Babalawo) and Ocha (Santero, Santera).

What we offer:
  1. Readings with the Orishas (spirit forces of nature) and the Eggun (ancestor spirits).  Ifa and Ocha readings are done only in person. Please wear light colored clothes to the reading, and bring a white hat or white kia (triangular head covering scarf).
    1. Ikini
    2. Ekule (divining chain)
    3. Diloggun (cowrie shells)
    4. Obi (coconut pieces)
  2. Initiations
  3. Passing spirits over to the light (the other side) so they can continue on their soul's journey
    1. A reading will be done first to determine what is the best method for he/she/them
  4. Works to bring healing, blessings and abundance
    1. This can include
      1. Attracting a job that is good for you
      2. Increasing your health
    2. A reading will be done first to determine what is the best method for you.
  5. Cleaning people and places of things such as general negative energy, curses and troubling spirits
  6. Custom ides (bracelets) and elekes (necklaces).
    1. We can make high quality custom elekes, ildes, crowns, horsetail whips, mazos, panuelos and other various religious objects. These can be made in glass/crystal, semi-precious stones, or precious stones. These can be made in the correct patterns of the various caminos de santos / paths of orishas.
  7. Other works

Price list:

  1. Readings with the Ekule, Diloggun, or Obi - $50.00
  2. All other work depends on the work involved

Most Ifa / Ocha / Santeria work is done in person.

Contact us at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Ifa / Ocha / Santeria FAQ
  1. Q: I'm interested in Santeria/Ocha/Ifa. What can I do to get involved?
        A: Get a reading from us. New people typically receive a reading so the Spirits can give instructions for that person's specific situation and path.

  2. Q: I don't know a lot about Santeria/Ocha/Ifa. Are there any good books or web sites I can read that will tell me lots of good, dependable information?
        A: No, not really. Nothing I would enthusiastically recommend for beginners. People usually learn about the religion from their godparents. If you just want a general idea about the Orishas, then just browse the web. Many web sites get the basic characteristics of the Orishas correct. As far as the ceremonies, etc. go, realize the information may or may not be correct, depending on the practitioner. The different Iles (houses) of the various practitioners can do things very different from one house to the next. Other practices might be very similar or identical. Santeria/Ifa/Ocha is a mystery religion with secrets. People learn the secrets after they get initiated. If you still want to read books, then you can read the books below. Realize that I don't agree with all the ideas in the books. But sometimes people really, really want to read something.

    By Raul Canizares:
    Eshu-ellegua Elegbarra: Santeria and the Orisha of the Crossroads
    Ogun: Santeria and the Master of Iron
    Oshun: Santeria and the Orisha of Love, Rivers and Sensuality
    Yemaya: Santeria and the Queen of the Seven Seas
    Oya: Santeria and the Orisha of the Winds
    Shango: SanterĂ­a and the Orisha of Thunder
    Obatala: SanterĂ­a and the White Robed King of the Orisha
    Orunla: Santeria and the Orisha of Divination
    Osanyin: Santeria and the Lord of Plants
    Aganju: Santeria & the Orisha of the Volcano & Wilderness

    By Ochani Lele:
    Obi: Oracle of Cuban Santeria

    Do not feel that you need to read the above books before coming for a reading. In fact, I recommend you not buy the books before coming for a reading.  If you see another book, and wonder if it's a good book on Santeria/Ocha/Ifa, then read the reviews for it on a website such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc. My opinion on most of the books on Santeria is that they are generally OK as long as the reader remembers the author is writing about how things are done and thought about in only those particular houses.

  3. Q. Can't I just light a candle or something?  Can't I just do what my intuition says I should do?
       A. Sure.  It's not like there are some Religion Police that will show up at your door and tell you to stop what you are doing because you don't have any initiations.  There's a couple of little things non-initiated people can do.  The books mentioned above list some of them.  If you try something on your own because your intuition told you, just remember the standard disclaimer: "Use at your own risk."  Just to be extra clear, I am not encouraging any fly-by-night do-it-yourself experimental work.  It is best if your start by getting a reading.  If you ask me what other things a non-initiated person can do that were omitted from the books above, I'm just going to tell you to come for a reading.  The spirits will tell you what you should do.